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Trouble with your home theatre cables?

So you have just gone out and bought a new TV and DVD player or you may have even bought a surround sound as well just to make that experience even better.

The key to your success in your home theatre setup is obviously your Hardware (TV, SOUND SYSTEM etc....) but it also comes down to your use of cables. Like what types to use, there are HDMI, DVI, Toslink, 3.5mm, RCA and plenty more........

In this section were here to explain to you the different types of cables you may need to help set up you systems for the best quality results. Also from our website you can purchase all the different types of cables were talking about. I've also created a couple of Diagrams to help you with your decision making on what type of cables to use.Home Theatre Cable Diagram

HDMI CableOne of the most commonly used cables in todays industry is the HDMI cable. Almost anything new that you buy has this available for use in interfacing equipment together. You can click the word HDMI and it will link you to our product range. All our HDMI cables are of the high quality standard and support the newest V1.4 hdmi specification. These cables will run your TV at Full HD video and will also output 7.1 channel surround sound if you have made that purchase as well. For more info on HDMI you can go to the Dummies Guide on HDMI Digital Video Home Theater Connections

DVI CableAnother commonly used cable is the DVI cable. Now this cable is Video only so if you want to be able to connect sound as well you will need one of a couple of other cables (we will get to that soon).  The DVI technology came before HDMI so a lot of hardware comes with both types of input or output. We always recommend to go with HDMI just because it incorporates sound as well as video so it makes the set up process so much quicker and easier but still with all the qualities if not more than the other technology.

Toslink Optical Audio CableOk so now with the audio, a few main types of audio cables around for connecting Computer to TV, DVD to TV, TV to your Receiver for your surround sound. One is an optical digital signal called a TosLink cable, not everything has this type of connection but it runs the sound over fibre optic cable and is one of the new types of audio cables available. Your TV user guide may call it a digital audio or optical audio connector. Your TV may also have a digital coaxial connector which can be connected via a coax cable or just a plain RCA cable.

Modern AV Receivers and TVs support HDMI to feed video and Audio to the TV. With HDMI 1.4 and Audio Return Channel (ARC) you can also feed the audio from the TV back to the Receiver without needing a seperate cable. Check if your TV and Receiver support ARC (Often shown on the connector) then get an HDMI 1.4 cable and save on using up two connections.

3.5mm Headphone JackMoving from high quality digital to analog and we have the 3.5mm Cable, also known as PC Audio or headphone jack. This is most common to people because it is just a standard headphone jack that you use to plug in your Ipod, Computer, AUX in your car stereo and many other things. We do a range of Male to Male 3.5mm cables or an Extension Male to Female cables to extend your existing cable.

There are also a couple of others that are in our range you may need so don't hesitate to give us a call if you need any help with choosing what you need for your Home Theatre set up. Or ask us a question bellow.


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