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CAT 6 Network Cables

Category 6 cables (Cat 6) are the latest in the line of ethernet cables, used to connect your computer to your local network and the internet. Most modern modems and computers support Cat 6 cable speeds of upto 10 gigabits so would benefit from a Cat 6 cable. 

Your existing ethernet cables should state what type they are (maybe in writing printed on the cable itself). If you are still using a Cat5 or Cat5e cable and have gigabit speed hardware then you may find upgrading to a Cat6 cable is a cheap way to speed up your network.

We have blue Cat 6 patch cables from 1m to 10m in length. All terminated with 8P8C modular connectors (aka RJ45) which is the standard network connector used on modems, computers and routers.

If your looking for bulk purchases and custom lengths we can also help you there with a selection of bulk network cable options as well as the modular connectors you will need.

Black CAT6 Cables
Black CAT6 Cables
Blue CAT6 Cables
Blue CAT6 Cables
Green CAT6 Cables
Green CAT6 Cables

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